2014 Oct 17

We all know how easy and yet so hard it can be to do the recycling.

As good as we’d like to pretend we are, there are times when we stick the wrong thing in the wrong bin: some cardboard makes it into the bottle bin, a tin can finds its way into the paper bin. And what do you do with polystyrene and bubble wrap anyway?

Or even worse, we don’t recycle at all! (We’re not proud of it but it does happen).

Sandwell in the West Midlands has found a novel way to encourage people to recycle, in particular their food waste. Residents who have the brown waste caddy will be able to take part in a unique 12-week BINgo challenge from 29 September (see what they did there?) simply by putting the caddy out on the usual collection day.

Sandwell council and their waste partner Serco have organised it so that residents who recycle their food waste will have their bin returned with a number attached. They can then cross this number off their bingo cards, which were issued to eligible residents on 15 September.

Used Bingo
The first 20 line winners will get a £100 prize, the next 25 will get a 12-month free membership to Sandwell Leisure gym, and the next 500 will get food waste liners.

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