2015 Oct 1

Online Casino BonusBonuses are one feature of popular online casino sites that makes them immensely attractive with people from all walks of life, irrespective of their gender, nationality or age. Nobody can resist free cash and that is exactly the reason why gaming providers are competing with each other by promising piles of coins to every player who signs up and makes a deposit. Normally, websites are taking precautions to prevent the player from collecting casino bonus and withdrawing that cash immediately,

In theory, it is possible to win huge jackpots while never putting up one penny of your own money, although few players can claim such a perfect record on any site. In reality, casino bonus can be used to fund real money games and it usually covers all games available at the site, which opens up a lot of intriguing options for experienced players. All money won in this way would be eligible for withdrawal, but casino bonus itself would have to remain in the account until the player accumulates total value of wagers on the site that is set amount of times greater than the awarded sum. This might sound limiting at first, although it isn’t that way when you actually start playing – casino bonuses are simply a way to keep your gambling session going through the dry periods.

There are several casino bonus types available on different gaming sites, each of them present in countless variations depending on the place where you play.

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