2013 Apr 6

The Virginia Lottery Fast Play Bonus Bingo games that are really cool . This type of terminal -based games and instant scratch games , so cool , like a hybrid . Printed from terminal-based system because it like a game . If you do not have to wait is drawn like a game because it is the first time ; If you are the winner you will know immediately . This document , as well as chances of winning the game and learn how to play .

To play the game you do not need to fill out a playing card – you simply print the quick play bonus bingo tickets and ask retailers . Then you can just check your numbers . You simply like to play bingo on a regular basis to check your numbers . You are line , multi-line , four corners , X pattern , Z pattern, or award for the outer frame . As easy as that .

Virginia Lottery ‘s Fast Play Bonus Bingo $ 12,000 top prize in the game and you will win all the numbers in the outer frame of the method. Odds of winning up to $ 12,000 1-in -304 , 000. Z $ 1,000 for matching the pattern , being one of the lines in the range of $ 4 other products in the game . The total probability of winning any one -in- 5.61 is .

As you can see, the quick play bonus bingo lotto game is fast , easy, and a lot of fun . So if you are living in Virginia , recycle – it’s only $ 2 lead as available .

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