2015 Feb 18

imageA recent case in High Court left a London casino breathing a sigh of relief. A professional poker player, Phil Ivey, who many believe to be the most skilled player in the world, will not be receiving the £7.7 million that he won at Crockfords Casino in London. He was actually playing a form of baccarat, Punto Banco, at the time but he was accused of ‘edge-sorting’ which the judge decided gave him an unfair advantage over the house. Ivey had had another huge win on his side of the Atlantic (he lives in Las Vegas) and the London decision, whilst not a precedent in American law, may result in action in the USA.

The casino returned his initial stake. It was a million pounds, which shows you exactly the level of stakes that are sometimes gambled in top casinos. It is not something that most people would remotely contemplate nor be able to afford.


The increased popularity of online gambling means that more and more

2015 Jan 21

pokerOn the web Texas hold’em business is minting billions of money each year that the zenith on the web Texas hold’em bedrooms make profits above one million dollars, each day. While the prime Texas hold’em affiliates, generate over $100,000 every 30 days, by referring new gamers to the on the web Texas hold’em bedrooms. Once you determine to leap into the wagon of on the web Texas hold’em, finding the best poker rooms is really a must, to determine yourself like a expert poker player and also to earn strong five to 6 digit income each 30 days. In fact, you are not a solitary individual within the objective of finding the best poker sites somewhat thousands and thousands of people are inquisitive and display interest in finding the best poker rooms, due to the vast distribution of internet companies.

Usually the on the web poker lovers are fascinated to play against other real gamer’s rather than the home. Consequently, the best online Texas hold’em websites by no means forget to include this interesting function in their website to satisfy their clients. Further, online Texas hold’em does not limit itself to a single genre somewhat you are able to find an array of pokers like Omaha poker, TX hold’em poker, 7 card poker and a great deal. To begin with you have to pick out a Texas hold’em that fits you the greatest. Although finding the best poker rooms, verify if the site has your preferred Texas hold’em game and generally, valid sites enclose all essential amenities, as the important thing aim of those websites is satisfaction with the customers.

The legitimate poker bedrooms on the web will be the way to loads of fortune and so they show you the real way to good results. 1 among such will be the free rolls for tournaments, which can open the door for popularity, fame and cash. Therefore when you are in the objective of finding the best poker rooms, appear into the site if it has embedded this opportunity for the gamers, who excel in playing poker.

online games

Even if you’re satisfied using the reviews of a website, although finding the best poker rooms, start using the totally free membership to check if the positioning fits your flair before investing your hard earned cash.

2014 Oct 17

We all know how easy and yet so hard it can be to do the recycling.

As good as we’d like to pretend we are, there are times when we stick the wrong thing in the wrong bin: some cardboard makes it into the bottle bin, a tin can finds its way into the paper bin. And what do you do with polystyrene and bubble wrap anyway?

Or even worse, we don’t recycle at all! (We’re not proud of it but it does happen).

Sandwell in the West Midlands has found a novel way to encourage people to recycle, in particular their food waste. Residents who have the brown waste caddy will be able to take part in a unique 12-week BINgo challenge from 29 September (see what they did there?) simply by putting the caddy out on the usual collection day.

Sandwell council and their waste partner Serco have organised it so that residents who recycle their food waste will have their bin returned with a number attached. They can then cross this number off their bingo cards, which were issued to eligible residents on 15 September.

Used Bingo
The first 20 line winners will get a £100 prize, the next 25 will get a 12-month free membership to Sandwell Leisure gym, and the next 500 will get food waste liners.

2014 Oct 17

The bingo promotions William Hill UK that are offered as prizes to a person can win while playing bingo can range from laptops, cruises, free holidays, cash prizes etc. There are various online sites today which aim to attract players to their site so that they can register their site in order to generate revenue for the site. This is one of the main reasons why they offer prizes which are very attractive for people.

One of the best things of playing online bingo is that a person can play the game at their own comfort and time and they can play the game with people from all around the world. This is also one of the great ways to socialize as well as win something while enjoying themselves.

bingo promotions William Hill UK

The promotions that are offered in the games are based on the type of game that is being played as well as some even offer incentives to make the game more interesting as well as fun to play with. The variety of promotions is massive when you play bingo online. Most sites, if not all, offer new players great incentives for coming to their sites, and existing players are offered great incentives to stay on the site. These rewards are also based on the deposited that is generally done before the game.

If you are the winner then there would be certain procedures which need to be followed as per the terms and conditions. Sometimes you might have to pay a little fee in order to go ahead and withdraw the prize money however there are some sites which allow you to withdraw the money free of charge with the hope that you would come back again to play the game.

If you handle yourself properly and you are able to manage your money properly then you can always go ahead and enjoy all the games you wish to play without overspending or crossing your money. It is always advisable you read all the information that is available on the site so that you have an idea on what you can expect when you play the game on the site.

Before you start playing the game, you need to make it a point to set yourself a limit in order to win more prizes. Keep an eye on the various bingo promotions William Hill UK that the site has to offer, if you find anything interesting you can always go ahead and register yourself for that particular game.

2014 Oct 16

There are so many bingo sites around that battle for your business so how do you choose which one is going to be right for you? Maybe you have a trusted name who you’ve played with at a bricks and mortar bingo hall but otherwise you need to look for those that offer the best promotions and host the biggest selection of games for all levels of play.

Great games, great bonuses

Paddy Power  is one site that scores well on both criteria with a very healthy welcome bonus for anyone thinking about playing bingo online. New players can claim £5.00 of completely free play and unlike some sites, there is a very wide choice of games where you can spend that free fiver.

Having played through that initial amount, there is a second bonus on offer and although this requires a deposit on your part, it is a very generous deal. To take advantage of it, credit your new Paddy Power account with an initial deposit up to a maximum of £10.00 and the operator will give you £30.00 of free play after you’ve used that amount up.

Online Bingo

Great bonuses are fine but try Paddy Power online bingo also gives you a huge selection of games and these are changing all the time. All your familiar favorites are here and the company also introduces themed cards for sporting events such as Wimbledon or the Football World Cup.

Unlike other providers, there is plenty to do here for those looking for more than the opportunity of playing bingo online. You’ll also find a big selection of casino games and there is a wide range of slot machines too.

Comparing Bingo Sites

In contrast, Gala Bingo is one of the biggest and best known names in gaming and their welcome offers are also worth looking out for. New customers to this global operation can enjoy 5 full days of free bingo at a choice of tables and once again there is a very healthy welcome bonus.

With Gala Bingo you can claim a maximum of £40.00 in free play once you have deposited and played through an initial sum of £10.00 so it’s certainly worth taking advantage of that, even if you only intend to have a short term relationship with this provider.

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