2016 Mar 18

bingoAs Easter is almost upon us again and the kids are getting excited about all the Easter eggs they think they’re going to get, we decided to do a project together on Easter, its origins, and the various activities and images associated with Easter nowadays.

Needless to say the kids came up with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs before anything else, but they also had some fun researching how today’s Easter celebrations and traditions actually began way back in history as a pagan spring festival.

One of the activities we did together was to make a special Easter game – and the kids decided to make an Easter version of one of their favourite games, which they love playing – bingo!

Easter bingo

They thought it would be more fun to replace the traditional bingo numbers with a picture version of the game based on pictures of things associated with Easter. So they carefully found lots of pictures associated with Easter, like bunnies (of course), eggs, an Easter bonnet, a basket (for the eggs) and so on. They were really very creative. Then they glued the pictures onto some card to make the individual bingo cards. They made a whole set, enough for a couple of games with all of us playing – and then thought it would be great idea to cover the cards in clear plastic film so that they could mark of the pictures and then at the end of the game simply erase the marker and use the bingo cards again. Smart little cookies, they are.

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