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2016 May 20

bingo GamesHarry’s bingo has a website on which it offers online bingo and has more than 35 games from which many people play and win real cash for free. After partnering with cozy games management it has brought the most fabulous bingo services and games. When it was established in 2005 cozy games has provided people with bingo and games from their website because the gambling supervision commission had issued it with a license and it games are located in the isle of man it is said that at Harry’s bingo the key thing is to ensure security and fairness to all the customers.

Different ways of depositing are accepted which include the use of visa, mastercard, maestroswitch, solo,visa electron Ukash, pay safe card,clickandbuy or usemybank. Since the security of your banking details can never be compromised the systems are thourouly tested and developed with the newest security technology. to ensure fairness to all customers the results of bingo and games are generated randomly and cannot be predicted. by use of theRNG it is possible to test the games to enable an honest playout and to ensure each payout is totally independant.

2016 May 20

bingoOnce you sign up in one of the existing online bingo sites you can rest assured that you just about to start enjoying the best of bingo you have ever tried. Most of online bingo sites like unibet enable people to play online bingo games as well as chatting with other players .also on signing up on this websites you are given free bonus like once you sign up into the website of game village you are given a 400 percent bonus to start with.in costa bingo once you sign in you get instant and free 25 USD and rest assured that you just about to start to getting real cash prizes and jackpots because you give yourself a chance to play over 300 online  games.

Another website that offers hot deals is cheeky bingo whereon signing up you get 5 USD free to play and once you deposit money you are offered a 300 percent bonus and you position yourself well for playing and enjoying the best bingo

2016 May 20

find Bingo gamesHouse of bingo which is found in the UK is the world’s leading site for online bingo games and its operated by cozy games limited  and games that can be played include Big Ben which is a 90 balls game down town for 80 balls Victoria 90 for 90 balls London hall for 80 balls Buckingham place for 75 balls 90 Dosh  city hall for 30 money multiplier 90 balls daily jackpot lounge rated 90  mega jackpot rated 90 and finally super jackpot rated 90.apart from house of bingo we still have another house of bingo called Game village where you get to play bingo, slots and casinos.

Here several bingo games are offered and they include the following room jackpot prize which is a 90 ball bingo we also have speed bingo for 75 balls village fair for 80 balls, seaside bingo for 75 balls, chipvan bingo for 50 balls. At game village you only have to deposit 5USD and you are given20 USD for free and furthermore you also allowed to spin the wheel for extra freebie. Also game village is known for its wonderful deals for it’s a free bingo site and you getto enjoy a 400 percent bonus and winning great prizes .

2016 Apr 5

BingoAmong the vast spectrum of online bingo sites available worldwide it’s very necessary to ensure a fair site to play in, so that we can have a relieving bingo experience. This best part is that the players have a plenty of options to choose from while deciding on a bingo game. However, game variants are usually available on classy and reliable sites like free bingo.

This site will perfectly fit into your lifestyle, as apart from sporting and extremely online free bingo they also believe in ensuring the players with the best of games and services. They have excelled in the field of bringing in the excitement of carnivals and bingo halls, right into our homes.

They are guaranteeing the players with the best bingo experience with several features like high-end graphics, exclusive promotions and 24/7 Customer Support.

2016 Mar 18

bingoAs Easter is almost upon us again and the kids are getting excited about all the Easter eggs they think they’re going to get, we decided to do a project together on Easter, its origins, and the various activities and images associated with Easter nowadays.

Needless to say the kids came up with Easter bunnies and Easter eggs before anything else, but they also had some fun researching how today’s Easter celebrations and traditions actually began way back in history as a pagan spring festival.

One of the activities we did together was to make a special Easter game – and the kids decided to make an Easter version of one of their favourite games, which they love playing – bingo!

Easter bingo

They thought it would be more fun to replace the traditional bingo numbers with a picture version of the game based on pictures of things associated with Easter. So they carefully found lots of pictures associated with Easter, like bunnies (of course), eggs, an Easter bonnet, a basket (for the eggs) and so on. They were really very creative. Then they glued the pictures onto some card to make the individual bingo cards. They made a whole set, enough for a couple of games with all of us playing – and then thought it would be great idea to cover the cards in clear plastic film so that they could mark of the pictures and then at the end of the game simply erase the marker and use the bingo cards again. Smart little cookies, they are.

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